Equine Art Sessions

Horses are living, breathing art. I am constantly mesmerized by their movement and their poise. When they trot across a field with their tails flying behind them or when they snort fire in the chilly autumn air - it’s moving and breathtaking like art should be. It’s emotional, and I feel like a child pressed against my parent’s car window each time we passed a fence row full of horses.


But it's their elegant, noble nature - that lift of their head, the spark in their eye, an arch of their neck - that intrigues me the most. How they can be breathing statues of power and fantasy all at once. Isn’t that why you fell in love with horses too?


Your horse IS art - a piece to be captured, treasured, and displayed.


Equine portraiture (commonly referred to as "black background" portraits) are elegant representations of your equine companion. The final edited art is eye catching for sales, a bold statement in stud advertisements, and stunning art in your home or stable office. No matter how it’s displayed, an equine portrait will remind you of your own love of horses and your own living, four legged art piece in your barn.


xo - Bethany


The Process


Using the natural light that filters into any large barn aisle or indoor arena opening, I'll spend 30 minutes capturing the unique beauty of your horse. Sessions are low stress for your horse in their home environment, and I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to capture just the perfect amount of interest, expression, and natural beauty. Have a group of boarders or a whole herd? Session fees are discounted for large groups of 4+ horses in a single location scheduled for the same day. Make a fun barn day of helping prep and watch sessions as a barn family!


Approximately 6 weeks after your session (8 weeks for groups), you'll receive a link to a private online gallery of fully edited digital proofs. These are web size digital images available for download and sharing with your friends and family. They are already optimized for social media and digital platforms. These images will have a small studio watermark and are not printable except through my professional laboratories to ensure the art in your home is of the highest heirloom quality. Watermarks are removed from images when printed as fine art.


This is the true goal of the shoot - to create elegant, incredible art of your horse for your home. ALL Equine Art Sessions include a fine art canvas of your favorite image in addition to receiving a complimentary discount on your next fine art purchase. Fine art products - archival prints, stretched canvases, metal prints, and framed matts - can be ordered directly through your online gallery, and I am always available for fine art consultations. Art orders are delivered directly to your home, and I love - LOVE - when clients share with me a photo of their art displayed proudly on their walls.

Please Note

A large opening such as a barn aisle or indoor arena entrance is required for Equine Art Sessions.


every session includes the following...

30 minutes of personalized shoot time on location

6 - 8 images for social media posting

16x24 fine art canvas of your favorite image

private online gallery

access to fine art products at discount

$475 per horse

$400 per horse for groups 4+

Session fee is non-refundable and subject to applicable state sales tax.