New Year's Thoughts: It's OKAY to bail.

Hear me out.

At the beginning of the year we all have the best intentions, the best ideas, and the best starting point. I call it the “Clean Slate Syndrome.” We think January 1 is a starting line and with that starting line comes the pressure of a finish line - the pressure of progressing and moving towards the end. And if we don’t see progress towards that end? If we don’t even reach that end? Then we use that starting line to beat ourselves up with because we look at whatever we started on that first square of the calendar as unfinished.

But it's okay to not finish ...

Before you mistake me for advocating complacency, abandonment, or even laziness, let me take you on a personal journey - this’ll just take a sec.

Two weeks ago I was rearing to go (pun intended) to kick off my 2020. I had just finished bringing my horses home and felt empowered and ready to take on the world - or at least my small business ideas. And then the flu happened. And then Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease (as an adult no less) happened. And then a fractured toe happened. And I was FORCED to stop everything I was doing in my business and take time for the number one thing that has no predictable deadline or Jan 1 precedent ... ME.

So for two weeks I placed myself first. I slept, drank my body weight in water, worked on my new home, got my horses used to a routine, applied 5 gallons of lotion to my weird blisters, played with my dog in the snow, watched Netflix (anyone else ready for the last season of The Ranch?), and cooked homemade food .. a lot. My husband is pretty thrilled about the last one.

here are a few scenes from those two weeks

And guess what I found when I was recovered and ready to return to work? The world had kept spinning. My business was still there waiting. And my supporters were still supporting.

Sometimes we feel so much pressure from our own goals that we forget it’s OK … like 1 BILLION PERCENT OKAY … to take a step back and just take care of yourself. Because, my friend, you are not at your best self or able to put out the best work if you’re neglecting the driving factor behind all your creativity and self imposed deadlines. (That driving factor is YOU by the way.) Please don’t make the mistake of feeling you are at the very end of a very long priority list. You are just as important as all the amazing things you plan for others.

That nagging feeling of being overwhelmed? That desire to procrastinate (or more accurately frozen feeling) when you cycle through that long list of items you need to do? That inability to sleep or hold still without turning over all the items on your plate? That’s your signal to slow down and take some time for you - even if it’s just an hour. KNOW THIS … everything you’re worried about or the goals you’ve put in place will still be there ready to tackle when you return from your one hour (or in my case two week) respite. The only difference is you’ll be in a better emotional and mental state to take it on.

So press pause on your ambitions when you need to. Shut your brain for a moment or day if you can - easier said than done, I know. And remember, it’s so important to take care of and love yourself.

It’s ok to bail.

xo Bethany ❤️

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