Crescent Farms / Equine Art Session / Eureka, MO

I love nothing more than a great line up of spectacularly turned out horses and that's exactly what I saw when I visited Crescent Farms last month in Eureka, Missouri.

Prepare yourself ... this is some eye candy to drool over for sure.


"I just love the connection I have with him. He will do this little winey when he sees me, its very high pitched. He will just hang with you. He is for sure my heart horse, just haven't had this connection with any other. We have done some pretty extreme mountain riding and he takes care of me! I trust him fully." - owner Kristin


"My favorite thing about Titan is that he doesn't know his own age! I honestly think if I aimed him at a 1.40 jump, he would be game. We just get each other and I wish I would have found him years ago so we could have more years together but I will take care of him for the rest of his life (and spoil him rotten)." - owner Taylor


"Beau makes you just want to snuggle in his neck and know that everything will be ok. He will always take care of you and I trust him completely. You can see his kindness in his eyes. If he were human, he'd be the guy you'd want your younger sister to marry." - owner Taylor

Cornelio P

"He is such a sweet boy and so willing to try! I knew he was the one when they kept raising the jumps higher and higher and I was fine with it." - owner Brittany


This boy may be the most adorable, sassy guy I've photographed and I hear he has the personality to back it up! But he was SO expressive!

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