Cordialle & Abigail // Equine Art Session // Blue Waters Farm // Chesapeake City, MD

I love nothing more than meeting passionate, kind horse people. Those people are my people for sure. So when I met Martina and Kara at Blue Waters Farm last month, I knew I was in for a lovely session. They both greeted me with big smiles and welcoming attitudes on what turned out to be quite a chilly late spring day! And, most importantly, they are both head over heels for their mares who also happen to be pasture mates. The elegant Cordialle was bred and trained by Martina and the beautiful Abigail (also known as Abigail the Saint!) is a life long circle of love for Kara who .

"My favorite thing about Cordialle is her soft nose." - Martina

"Abigail has given me the opportunity and confidence to do things I never imagined." - Kara

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