Captain Morgan & Crown Royal // Equine Art Session // Second Nature Farm // Oxford, PA

I can't help it. I'm a sucker for fancy dressage horses. So I was thrilled when Anecia, one of my first clients ever (!), was gifted a dual Equine Art Session for Christmas by her daughter. I knew I'd be photographing some pretty high quality dressage stars and I was not disappointed! Captain Morgan and Crown Royal were beautiful subjects. And as an owner of a dog named Whiskey, I was totally digging the names!

Fun fact! Captain Morgan was the VERY FIRST horse I photographed in the "black background" style several years ago! Here's a comparison between the two:

Pretty fun to see the difference in my work and style with the same exact horse! It just drives home the gratitude I have that I get to continue developing my skills with such wonderful horses and people supporting me! But before this gets too sappy, let's dive into the gallery!

"Crown Royal is my boy who just loves and craves attention. There is no passing by this guy without giving him some acknowledgment. He will beg until he gets it." - Anecia

"I love Captain's willingness to give me all he's got!!! The horse gods did not give him a 10 on movement but they sure gave him enough heart and willingness to make up for it. He has no idea he has no medium trot, and I refuse to tell him." - Anecia

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