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My Philosophy

Thumb drives, CDs, even online sharing - digital media is instantaneous, fleeting, and quickly forgotten - the complete opposite of your relationship with your horse. Your horse and your bond is precious, and your memories are to be recalled time and time again. The art we create isn't meant for a drawer - it's meant for your home's walls. That's why from the very first time we speak to the moment you're in front of my camera, I envision the final look of printed art in handcrafted frames, gallery quality canvases, and incredible archival albums. I photograph each moment with that in mind so you know you'll have plenty of options to display. The products I offer are proofed to last a lifetime while being passed down through generations. You'll enjoy them at the same quality years from now as you did the day they arrived. I promise you'll enjoy your images on your home's walls more than on your computer's screen. 

Fine Art Products

Mounted Archival Prints

Handcrafted Frames with acid free, Ph neutral mats

UV coated Gallery Stretched Canvases

Vivid HD Metal Prints

Stunning Statement Acrylic Displays

Luxury Keepsake Albums

Leather Bound Desktop Folios


Digital Products

While personal art is beautiful, so is sharing all that joy!

Every session comes with complimentary web size digital images already optimized for social media display without any of that pesky distortion or compression. All finished images are not printable except through Bethany P Photography's professionally available laboratories to guarantee the best possible quality in your home, however high resolution print ready images can be purchased at request with a personal use print release.

Looking for digital images with a commercial use release for business websites and marketing?

INQUIRE HERE about commercial sessions. 


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