Bond Sessions

Your relationship with your horse is amazing. The thousands of hours you’ve spent together should be remembered beyond cellphone snaps and ribbons on the wall. For as large as they are, horses are fragile creatures and can be taken from us at any moment. That’s why it’s so important to remember this special bond.


After spending years in the saddle and behind a camera, I’ve married the two passions to bring my clients a “horse lover’s” perspective through a lens. My clients are comfortable knowing I understand their devotion and love for their horse. I feel that love deep down in my heart, and I consider it a genuine honor to witness the magic between each horse and rider - it’s so indescribable.


But my goal isn't to describe it. My goal is to capture it.


I want to capture YOUR incredible connection to your best friend. I want you to feel the same happiness your horse brings you each time you view your portraits. Non-horse people cannot relate. But after 25 years riding, loving, and caring for horses, I can assure you I see it and I value it. Your horse is just as important as you are in your portraits, and, not only do I know what makes YOU look good, but I know how to make your horse look good too.


When you hire an equine photographer, you’re hiring someone who understands the emotion behind the little details - the nose strokes, the kisses, the soft breath on your shoulder. It is my personal goal to be there every step of the way as we capture your BOND in soulful, genuine images. The relationship with your horse is unforgettable. Let’s make sure of it together.

xo - Bethany


- a great story starts with a great beginning -


You've decided to invest in capturing the bond between you and your horse, and I want to make sure I have your story - from first ride to last barn visit - dedicated to memory and in my heart before our time together. I also want to put your mind at ease with my entire process. This is about you and your horse so no quirk is too weird nor journey too long to share!

We'll find a time convenient for you to chat on the phone. In addition to your four legged love story, we'll cover what art you envision hanging, outfit ideas, location choices, poses - pretty much every last detail so you feel comfortable the day of the shoot. I plan ALL sessions based on YOUR feedback. 

Think of a question after our consult? I'm always 100% accessible from start to finish!

After our consult, you'll receive an online welcome guide containing preparation tips for our day, a questionnaire (to help ME prepare!), a contract for the session, and an invoice for your session fee. You'll also receive a fun pre-shoot gift in the mail! 

You'll feel totally at ease when I show up with camera in hand and peppermints in my pocket.


- your bond captured forever -

This is it. This is the day. This day is all about you and your love for your horse and you don't have to worry about a thing. 

The day of the shoot I'll arrive early to meet you, your entourage, and of course your horse. I'll also use the pre-session time to scout out perfect lighting and great locations. Trust me, I can find magic on every farm! Our session occurs during "golden hour" - the first hour after sunrise or the last hour before sunset - so every photo will have a magical rich quality.

Throughout the session I'll provide consistent and gentle posing guidance, keep our pace flowing smoothly, and capture the sweet moments you value most. I assure you, you'll feel comfortable and natural - the resulting images soulful and everlasting. Somewhere during the session you'll have what I call "the moment " - it's the fleeting second you forget a camera is even present and it's just you and your horse in quiet companionship. That's the exact moment I've come to capture.   

Our time together will fly by and leave your horse-loving heart happy.


- a once in a lifetime bond captured for a lifetime in art -

Now begins the process of bringing this special relationship you share with your horse into your home and your everyday life.

After our session and while I'm putting the finishing touches on your images, I encourage you to really consider the ultimate art goals in mind. Is there a specific space for a statement piece you'd like to feature a large canvas? Are you an album lover hoping to share your whole session with guests? Or is there a wall in your home ready for a curated gallery of your bond as framed heirloom prints? Walk around your home and truly take in the spaces you love to linger most and spend some time envisioning how best to infuse art there. Considering your art goals before seeing your gallery will help you narrow down your favorites.

Approximately 1 month after your session, we'll schedule a Gallery Reveal appointment either in your home or virtually from the comfort of your computer screen. With your art goals in mind, we'll view your final gallery and discuss the display options I offer. Gorgeous, modern photography creates gorgeous, modern art, and I will help you choose the perfect pieces to suit your home and your lifestyle.

We have plenty of time to discuss each and every art option. There's no time limit, or rush - art is such a personal and lifelong decision and I'm here to help guide you through each step of the process.

The end result is a celebration of your horse in your home as well as the barn.


each package includes the following...

90 minute session

digital images for online sharing

private online gallery

choice of album or wall art piece

exclusive discount on fine art keepsakes

complimentary Consultation and Gallery Reveal appointments

Packages Begin at $550

Session fee is non-refundable and subject to applicable state sales tax.