If your horse is listed below, you understand first hand how much of an impact good photography has on After the Races’ mission to find each athlete the perfect second career home.  

Once a month, I travel all the way from Missouri to Maryland to donate my time and produce images that help each horse put their best hoof forward. But while my time is donated at no charge to ATR, the travel costs are not.  


Your horse’s images are available for purchase at a special ATR alumni discount, and 100% of the proceeds fund my travel to Maryland each month. Simply select your horse below to see all their available photos and make a purchase of wall art of digitals directly from your gallery.  

Help me help the next Thoroughbred. Thank you for your support!

xo - Bethany


Print On Your Own

Purchase digital images to keep on your computer and to print as often as you like!

Ready to Frame

Fine art prints treated for long lasting color and ready for your own frame.

Decorate Your Home

Framed prints, metals, and canvases all ready to instantly hang on your walls!



UNEDITED Glamour Shots/Black Background images MUST be purchased as digital images if you're planning to purchase the print. This is due to the amount of time it takes to edit the image before it can be printed.


Please respect my time by purchasing the $50 "editing fee" which is, again, applied directly towards the travel funds to continue photographing for ATR. The gallery does not prevent you from purchasing the image as a print by itself without the editing fee, so we'll go by the honor system here!


Thank you!

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