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Maryland, Pennsylvania, DelAware, Virginia, Missouri

Meet Bethany

Your creative director...

I am an all or nothing person which means I'm all in to tell your story.

To say I'm passionate about capturing your relationship with your horse is a HUGE understatement. It's the driving force behind every interaction. I'll be your cheerleader, ego booster, and source of encouragement throughout our photographic journey, and at the end you'll be able to reflect on this special relationship for many years to come.

A fellow horse lover...

Horse books with a flashlight beneath the bedsheets, homemade jump courses of broomsticks and lawn chairs, model horses under every Christmas tree - I was the typical horse loving little girl in the suburbs. After riding lessons at age 6, I went from showing Arabians at breed shows as a junior to hunters on the flat in grade school to western pleasure on a collegiate team to cutting horses nationally. I finally landed in the dressage world where I play in the rectangular sandbox today.


I'm blessed with two horses of my own: Riptide and Morris. Riptide is my heart horse with a sassy demeanor every Arabian owner would recognize. Morris is my silly, giant, off track Thoroughbred turned dressage green bean. They are certainly the odd couple in the field but they fulfill every dream I ever had growing up "horse crazy." 

The photographer...

Photography became a passion of mine in 2010, and I've been blessed to work with many leading industry professionals, showcase work in national and regional publications, and contribute to the happiness of clients across the United States. I continue to be amazed by the artistry and creativity of the community around me and the love and passion in the relationships of owners with their horses, and it is that enthusiasm that pushes me to be more innovative and thoughtful with the story process from behind the lens.

Check out the below video about why photography is my heart and soul!

The Heart behind the art ...

Bethany P Photography is proud to be the official photographer for the non-profit organization, After the Races.

After the Races is a 501(c)3 Thoroughbred rehabilitation and rehoming center located in Elkton, Maryland that takes in retiring Thoroughbred racehorses. Horses come to After the Races through various backstretch programs initiated by local racetracks dedicated to finding good homes for horses in their care. Since After the Races’ inception in late 2010, they have found an increasing desire among racing professionals to see their horses get a second chance and could not be more excited to work with them to realize this dream. Over 400 horses have found new homes and second careers thanks to the efforts of ATR and their caring volunteers.

Photography can have a huge impact on the "first impression" directed at potential adopters. So I'm proud to partner with ATR once a month to ensure these athletes put their best hoof forward into a new life by capturing each horse's conformation and personality. I even took home my own ATR grad, Tube Socks (aka"Morris")! It's been a labor of love getting to know the staff, volunteers, and many horses that come through the ATR barn, and I'm so incredibly blessed to be able to use my talents for a well-deserving cause.

ATR grad "Morris"

If you'd like to learn more about After the Races and make a much appreciated donation,

please click the below icon. 


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